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Rumford Eagle's Child Advocacy Day


Rumford Eagles 2017 Child Advocacy Day

 The Rumford Eagles will be holding a Child Advocacy Day and fund raiser for our area youth Saturday, May 20th , 2017, 11:30 am till 4 pm

Promoting and instilling quality community values in our youth is something the Eagles stands behind. Each year, the Rumford Eagles hold a Child Advocacy Day that teaches area youth & parents about safety, protection, prevention and other health and welfare activities. The goal is to bring together communities outlets such as, police departments, fire departments, medical, schools and community organizations to help promote safe living. We are looking for interested groups to set up booths that can offer info on content such as bullying, internet safety, sex abuse, dangers of smoking, nutrition, gun safety, drug abuse, health and any other subject that can benefit the health and well being of our youth. Listed below is a partial listing of what will be offered at our event.


Thank You, Fred Allen,  PWP Rumford Eagles  email: fredallen@myfairpoint.net or cell 207-418-4463


Partial listing and growing

Fun & Games

3 In 1 Combo Bounce House.jpg

New vender from Buckfield good clean rentals, good service, free delivery & setup and discount for non-profits. Check out their website

Rumford Eagles 2017 Child Advocacy Day Participants

 Community Dental is interested in joining the Child Advocacy Day event in May.  We are a not-for-profit oral health office that is committed to proving access to oral health care in the River Valley.  We have many programs and fun activities for kids! 


*Safe Voices, Working to End Domestic Violence

Diane Gallagher, MSW

Oxford County Community Educator  I Safe Voices  I  PO Box 713, Auburn, ME 04212

Tel: 364-9908 I  www.safevoices.org  I 24 hr Helpline: 1-800-559-2927


    Kate Thorn will be having a table on nutrition and substance abuse

Mexico Police with the Mexico Police Explorers & bicycle rodeo.

Scout Troops

Church Groups

Rumford Police Dept Child ID with the retina scan

Rumford Fire Dept with 911 teaching simulator

Mexico Fire Dept

Greater Rumford Community Center

Mexico Rec. Dept.

Clowns, Face painting and balloons



Smokey Bear from the Maine Forest Serviceonly you can prevent wildfires.jpg

Multi-family yard sale still room for participants



Barbecue menu,  Chinese Auction table, 50/50 and bake sale to raise money for participating youth groups.

  Movie room with educational videos dealing with some of the problems that might arise as a child grows up. There will be a listing with the topics and showing times posted in the near future. Free popcorn and drink will be available

Local art teacher Carol Rickards will have a table set up with drawing activities for the kids


Fisher Agencies.jpg

would love to attend the Child Advocacy Day in May to be able to pass out Child Safe Kits into the hands of as many people as possible.


 For more info: Fred Allen email-  fredallen@myfairpoint.net or cell 207-418-4463


Child Advocacy Day

Aeries and auxiliaries are encouraged to host a Child Advocacy Day on May 1 of each year. This program is supported by the Grand Aerie and works to recognize the efforts local members put forth to honor youth of their communities.

Child Advocacy Day is a fun day for youth to enjoy and the community to educate and protect their children. The aerie and auxiliary schedule programs around safety, protection, prevention and other health and welfare activities. Events of the day may include fire safety in conjunction with the local fire department, DARE and other programs supported by the local police department, and finger printing, public and internet safety programs supported by other officials.

May 1 was selected Child Advocacy Day in honor of Past Grand Worthy President Edward F. Poss's claim that May 1 be recognized as Child Health Day in all aeries and auxiliaries. If May 1 is not available, child advocacy events held on any day between August 1 of the previous year and May 31 of the current year are still eligible for the competition.

Slide show from 2011 Child Advocacy Day


How do we get started?

Ask the Aerie & Auxiliary Presidents to appoint a chairperson along with a committee.

Set a date. Suggested Date is May 1, but the event can fall anywhere between August 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011.

Contact various agencies and inquire as to what type of programs they may offer

o Department of Public Safety, local police department, fire department, chamber of commerce, Boy/Girl Scouts.

Advertise the event as much as you can and get the word out, contact: o Radio stations, television stations, newspapers, print flyers and distribute them at elementary schools, day care centers.


What kind of activities have we planned?

Photo ID sessions, finger printing program, fire & home safety, drug awareness program, drug abuse program, bicycle safety, gun safety, water safety, first aid education.

What should I include in my packet to the Grand Aerie?

Take photos and let us know what your Aerie and Auxiliary Child Advocacy Day Program consisted of. Don't forget to include any newspaper articles.

Submissions must be in the hands of the Grand Aerie Program Department no later than June 30, 2011.

The Grand Worthy President along with the Child Advocacy Committee will review all submissions. The Aerie/Auxiliary with the best program will receive:

o Plaque to hang in your Aerie/Auxiliary

o Recognition at the Grand Aerie Convention.

o Recognition in the Eagle Magazine.

o A $3,000 grant from the Jimmy Durante Children's Fund*

*Grant recipient must qualify under the regulations that govern our Eagle Charities.

Submit what your Aerie/Auxiliary has done for Child Advocacy Day. One winner will be chosen at the Grand Aerie Convention in Orlando, Fla., and will receive recognition

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