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Newsletter notes

We are collecting new and gently used gowns, tuxedos and assorted accessories for financially challenged juniors and seniors so they may receive them free of charge in order to go to their proms. If you can help us assist these students please contact Kathy Boothby by April 15th. Prom is May 13th


 From our Worthy President’s desk Tom Sousa

   Isn't it great how we all come together to help when the need is great?   I see it all the time with members of the Eagles, Neighbors helping each other. We do so much for our neighbors and have such a respected place in this community.

   We raise money for important causes like Cathedral of the Pines. Cathedral of the Pines is a shrine for everyday heroes like firefighters, police and our Military. We sold a book of Lottery tickets to raise money and Gertrude White was the winner. I get to present them a check in April. This check is because of your help.

   We book some of the best entertainment to play in our social room. It brings you here to have fun and let loose. You help us by bringing your friends who realize the great things this club has to offer. In turn, they want to be become Eagles too. More members = more opportunity to give to worthy charities and help our community.  We do such important work like Child's Advocacy Day. We give opportunities for organizations and individuals to promote wellness and security to children throughout our community. It opens up to parents what we truly exemplify of what we are and what we do. We are an organization whose mission is People Helping People.

It also plants seeds in our kids. They will remember the fun they had here, the things they learned, and they will know we care about them. When they are 21 and are looking to be part of a place to join for fun activities, experience educational programs,  and do caring work for people just like them; The Rumford Falls Eagles will be an easy choice to make.  So, Please do your part. Sell your Eagle's Club to your friends and family. Invite them to play pool, listen to a band, play cribbage,  play trivia, or just relax.   Please when you can, go to our functions, whether its a supper on Friday night, a casino night, or a class on Diabetes education, etc... We do this for you. We need you to support us so we can support our charities, our community, and our club.

   Also, Please STEP UP. None of our fundraisers, special events, or educational programs can happen without volunteers.   Set up, man tables, cook, serve, decorate, organize, advertise, publicize, sell raffle tickets or clean up there are so many opportunities to step up and help. If our members donated 4 hours a year that is over 1000 hours to giving a kid a healthy start, to helping find a cure for Heart disease, help bring awareness to Cancer, and educate people about Diabetes to name just a few.

   One last thing, Elections are coming up. Most of us see things differently, some of us have said “If I were President I would...” Well here is your greatest opportunity to step up by stepping up your influence.


Meat Raffle

   The Ladies Auxiliary is holding a meat raffle to Benefit the Max Baer Heart Fund. Spaces are$5 a space and there will be approximately 17 meat bundle prizes.

All the meat is purchased through Naples Packing. It will be drawn April  14th after the Queen of Hearts.

From Madam President Mickey Sousa

   The ladies Auxiliary has had a very busy couple of months. In January,  the Heating Raffle tickets were sold and the lucky winner was John Perry.

   I had the pleasure of helping Dave Magoon raise money for the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition. We had a wonderful time with the large Chinese Auction. I want to thank everyone who donated.  Over $250 was raised and the names were drawn at the pink sock hop. What a great effort!

   Dan Gauvin donated all of the food and the the auxiliary served a S. Patrick's day dinner on March 16th. Over 500 dollars was brought in. This benefited Androscoggin Home Health Hospice. I hope you helped this worthy cause. This is just a nibble of the great things going on in the auxiliary.

   As you know, Linda Gaskill charity for her year as State Madam President was the 4H Camp in Bryant Pond. We, along with auxiliaries across the state helped raise over $4000 in Linda's name. The Grand is giving an extra 2000 toward this effort.  What a great way for The Grand to honor Linda and her legacy. What a tribute!

   Now, we are coming closer to the end of my first year as your Madam President. It sure has been a learning experience!  The first weekend of May is our State Convention in Brewer. It is a fun time to learn what other auxiliaries are working on and to elect state officers.  We have the opportunity for five women to serve on the State Board.  Patricicia Drakus ( Secretary), Diane O'Leary(Treasurer), Marcie Surette, and Kathy Boothby.

Also seeking the State Madam President Position is our own Mary McDonald. As you should know, Mary is our Vice president. We are so proud of you Mary!  Mary's charity is Rumford Hospital's Cardiac Care unit. She is doing this to honor her nephew Brandon.  I am sure she will represent Rumford Falls #1248 with dignity and be conscientious of all auxiliary members across the state. We are lucky to have her and now we get to share her with the state. Wouldn't you love to see her be sworn in and be part of this exciting moment for Mary?  Congratulations Ladies!

One last reminder we meet the first and third Wednesday at 7:00 P.M. Come and be heard.


From the board of Trustees:


We are cooking in the kitchen on Friday nights now. So come Play for  the Queen, have a bite and stay for a couple rounds of trivia.

Look to the Chalkboard for your weekly menu. So far there we have made chicken nuggets, onion rings, french fries, chili, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, chop suey, macaroni and cheese, Hobo Beans, shepherd's pie to name a few.

There is a raffle for a book of $5 lottery scratch tickets at the bar. The proceeds go to the charity of the month.


Be aware of these rules:

House Rule #1:

Guests must be signed in by a member, abide by all by-laws and house rules. The member is responsible for their guest in all capacities and the guest must leave when their host member does.

House Rule # 6 PROFANIY, FIGHTING, and ARM WRESTLING will not be allowed in the Aerie.

Please be respectful of your fellow Brothers and Sisters and have fun.

Remember we are people helping people.


Why you should go to a Club Meeting

   The Aerie and the Auxiliary each hold two 7:00 pm membership bi-monthly meetings with the Auxiliary having the first and third Wednesdays and the Aerie holding its meetings on the second and forth Wednesdays.  This Club belongs to it's members and this is the forum  where members can get to know the inner workings of the club and have a voice on concerns.  All our expenses are brought up on the floor and need to be approved by the membership for purchase or services.  Steps to becoming a new member need to be voted on by the membership along with reports from the Committees, Trustees, Treasurer & Secretary that all need to be OKed. 

   As an added incentive to Attend the Aerie meeting, during the break each attending member is given a ticket that has a matching ticket number that is thrown into a hat and a ticket pulled out to give that attendee a $50 reward. Also during the break a 50/50 is played for .50c a ticket and pills are drawn for our free dues game.  The Aerie initiates it's new members at the fourth Wednesday of each month and following the meeting all the attendees are invited for a light lunch in the Function Hall.

   Coming up this period will be nominations of new officers for the upcoming new fiscal year beginning June 1st .  For the Auxiliary and Aeries at last meeting in April, nominations for open officers slots will be taken.  During the day of the second Wednesday in May, voting will take place in the Social Room 10 am till 6:30 pm.  Anyone  interested in getting involved and would like to run for an office can find info Officers Duties on our website or see the respective Secretaries for info as to what the position involves, then go to your meeting and state your intentions.


Month of April Membership Drive

  The Month of April is dedicated to showing folks what the Eagles are all about.  Saturday April 8 in our Bingo Hall from 10 till 2 we will have members available to answer questions and give tours to anyone interested in finding what we are all about. All names attending that are interested in joining the Aerie will be put in a drawing for a free new membership ($40 value).  We all have friends that we could show what our club is all about and invite them to join us and check it out.  During the month of April we will be doing various promotions to project the Rumford Eagles image. People need to realize that the Eagles is not a bar, but is a Fraternal Organization dedicated to helping others.  To help reinforce this image I will be showing a video Friday evening, March 31st in the Social Room around 8 pm following the Queen Drawing.  This video goes through the history of how the Eagles got started and what the Eagles are all about.  It's interesting to take note of some of the values in this video we sometimes forget and could use a little reminder. Any member or guest is welcome to join us for this showing.


               2017 Child Advocacy Day

   Promoting and instilling quality community values in our youth is something the Eagles stands behind.  Each year, the organization holds a Child Advocacy Day contest.  The contest requires that local Aeries/Auxiliaries host an event in their community that teaches area youth safety, protection, prevention and other health and welfare activities. The goal is to bring together communities outlets such as schools, police departments, fire departments and the Eagles to help promote safe living.  This year's Mountain Valley Kids Fest (Child Advocacy Day) is scheduled for Saturday, May20.  A clean bounce tent will be here this year as well as face-painting, games, participation from the local fire, police and medical services. Balloons and clowns will be added to this years fun event. Anyone who would like to get involved or has any ideas contact Fred Allen (207-418-4463)



   Rumford Eagles Friday  Night pool Tournament.- Bring a friend and a little luck...and maybe it will be your best game. 8 Ball Fans will have a good time and who knows, you may surprise your self and win! Bring $5 entry fee and some cash for refreshments and try your luck at beating the regulars. Play starts roughly between 7:30-8 p.m.  After the Queen and Trivia. For more info call Rick Ames 418-5853

   The Tuesday night Pool League - The Tuesday pool league is coming to an end. There has been some good action. Team Thunder with 28 wins is in first place followed by Flashbang. With 25.  Wild Horses runs third and Dial 911 is still in it with 18 wins.  Individual successes include Dave Richard(S) w/ team Thunder 6 wins and 2 losses, Mike Krech with Team Dial911 also has 6 wins.  Other notables include Nate Bedard,Don Crane; (Thunder), and Brandon Burgess and  Teddy Bernard w/Team Flashbang.  T shirts have been ordered for all teams.  Remember Tuesday night pool league takes the summer off  starts back up in September.  Want to join next session? It is $10 first time fee and then $5 every week you PLAY.  If you would like to form your own team please contact Pool Chair Howard Jones.


State Co-ed tournament

   The Rumford Eagles State Co-Ed 8 ball tournament brought teams from Lewiston, Brewer, Biddeford, Portland and Westbrook to our club for a fun filled day of friends, food, and fun. Oh yeah and lots of great pool playing too.

Hot shooters filled the pool room and entertained and taught the onlookers some classic moves and some new techniques.

Organizer Phil Thomas did a great job keeping the tables filled and the action steady. Our two 50/50's netted $118 for the State president's charity Alzheimer’s research and $62 for Jimmy Durante.

Also all the rumors are true 2 Rumford teams placed 1st and 3rd place.

The first place team consisted of Donnie Crane,Laurie Crane, Alicia Jodrey, and Dave Richard(s) .

The Cranes winning all their games and easily taking first place from a Lewiston Team.

3rd place was won in a play off between Rumford and a good Brewer team.

Rumford D consisted of Tammy Jodrey, Greg Morse, Dorie Oakes, and Mark Pulsifer.

There are two more tournaments scheduled until Summer break.

April 15th @ Biddeford is offering a 9 Ball tournament and on May 13 at the Westbrook Eagles is a quad pool tournament.

For information  on either tournament look at the Bulletin board in the Pool Room.


Schedule of Events


                        1  Fair Enough

                        8  Fat N Jack’d

                        15 Cowboy Billy

                        22 The Veggies

                        29 Ragged Jack



                        6  Dan’s Karaoke

                        13  Borderline Express

                        20 Fair Enough

                        27 Cowboy Billy


Anyone interested in Motorcycle Riding

   The Rumford Eagles has an internal group called the “Eagle Riders”  This is a group that has it own meetings and makes plans to get together for fun and charity.  They are currently looking to add members that enjoy motorcycle riding and being involved.  If interested contact Bill Twidwell and he will be glad to get you going.




Condolences to Madam President Mickey Sousa on the loss of her Mother.

Condolences to Dave Richards on the loss of his nephew.

So Glad to see Bill Tucker back at Tuesday Night Pool League!


If you have a milestone concerning a member of the Rumford Eagles please share!

Email them to